How you know you’ve made the right decision.

I agonize over making decisions.  Especially if it involves changing jobs or girlfriends.  Heaven forbid if it involves both.  Last year I received a job offer that I wasn’t sure about accepting.  The internal debate that followed made me physically ill.

You would think that deciding to quit your job and walk away from your life and travel around the world would be one of those decisions, but once I realized it was possible the commitment to it was quite easy.  Sure there are things that I worry about, things that could go wrong, but I’ve never been more comfortable with a decision in my life.  I’m surprised at how at ease I am with it.  I think there are some friends and family who think we’ll change our minds or delay our departure but we have already accepted our course of action.  We don’t speak in “if’s” only “when’s”.

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