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Photo of the Day: Look What Julie Found | The Time to Go Is Now

Photo of the Day: Look What Julie Found

Photo of the Day: Look What Julie Found

While hiking through the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve Julie discovered this little guy:

Image of Orange Knee Tarantula
Julie actually took this photo.

I walked right on by. Almost stepped on it more than likely. After a few steps I heard the standard “Oh shit there’s a spider” alarm from Julie. Based on the decibel level I wasn’t expecting anything larger than what we usually encounter in our house. I was quite surprised to turn around and see a tarantula as large as my hand resting right by the path. Julie’s arachnophobia therapy must be working because she had a very reserved reaction and I was able to get both her and the tarantula in frame together….sort of:

Image of Julie and Tarantula
To be able to get them both in frame is impressive.

12 Responses to Photo of the Day: Look What Julie Found

  1. By the way, that is a Aphonopelma seemanni or “Striped-Knee tarantula”. Like all tarantula’s it eats insects and it’s bite is no worse than a bee sting (unless you’re allergic). If you sleep outdoors don’t be surprised to wake up with one cuddled up with you. They like warm places at night. That happened to me frequently at Twentynine Palms.

  2. That is really amazing – getting Julie that close to a spider! I bet she grabbed a spider stick for the rest of the hike after that encounter! 🙂

  3. Hey guys, glad to hear from you. Looks like things are still going pretty well. We just got to florida tonight, just in time from the looks of the Indpls. Weather forecast Your father needed a little break, I m doing a lot better now. Going to be here about a week, will have time to bug you even more. HaHa
    Jerry & Ronda recently posted…Costa Rica Wrap Up & GuideMy Profile

    • Glad you are out of the snow. Get some rest and relax in the sunshine. We have been hopping around a bit lately, but plan on being in one place for a while starting Friday night. You will see a lot more posts from us and I might have time to bug you too. LOL

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