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Hey Good Morning Kyle, Nice New Backpack! | The Time to Go Is Now

Hey Good Morning Kyle, Nice New Backpack!

Hey Good Morning Kyle, Nice New Backpack!
Mark and Julie's new backpacks
New backpack shopping at REI. Gotta live out of that for a year, huh?

Julie and I went shopping for backpacks after work today. That was the first time I’d ever set foot in an REI…it won’t be the last. I went with the REI Grand Tour 85 Litre backpack. It seems big and it is but I’ll be living out of it for a year so better too much space than too little. Also, it comes with a detachable day pack and flips open like a suitcase for easier access.

Julie went with the Gregory Jade 60 Litre as it was the most comfortable and easiest on her back.  This will be interesting.  We both have back issues.  Her’s are worse than mine.  I only had mine on for about 20 minutes with weight in it and my back feels fine but my shoulders are already sore.  Granted I haven’t used a real backpack in over fifteen years and I haven’t stayed particularly fit in the interim.  All of that Capt’n Crunch & Xbox eventually takes a toll.  I see some practice hikes in my future.  Can I wear it while I’m on the treadmill?  Our next shopping trip will be for shoes.  Can’t wait.

And, yes.  I quoted a bit from an Adam Sandler comedy album for the title.  No, that won’t be happening again.

9 Responses to Hey Good Morning Kyle, Nice New Backpack!

    • No suitcases. Everything in the backpack. Mine was $199 which is the low end of large, extended trip backpacks. Julie’s was closer to $250 and it was actually on sale since it was last year’s model.

  1. Hope you got wheels. We got new ones in 2010 for that Europe/Le Mans trip. Got the larger backpacks that were hybrids. They have telescoping handles and wheels like traditional travel bags so you don’t have to carry them the entire time. I understand the back issues. I think it gets all taller people.

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