When did you decide on this?

“When did you make this decision?  While you were sitting there eating that muffin?”

“Yeah, I was sitting here eating my muffin and drinking my coffee… when I had what alcoholics refer to as ‘a moment of clarity’.”

I was asked by my brother how we came to this decision. The answer was always there we just didn’t see it.  You know the movie plot where the awkward guy and the beautiful girl are good friends but are too thick to realize they should be together?  That’s kind of like us. Travel was always there but we viewed it as an “ends” more than a “means”.  Travel was a reward for working all year.  Travel was a bonus you treated yourself to when you could afford to get out of town for a while. Work hard enough and you can spend four days in New Orleans. Scrimp and save and don’t burn any vacation days and maybe next summer you can spend two full weeks in Italy.

I had been working for the last decade to pay off my debts and build up my savings account. Once I got to that point I was struck with the question of, “Now what?” I still only have three weeks of vacation and while I’ve never had a problem with taking extra unpaid days off, it still wasn’t enough.  We had always had the dream of traveling the world but always in a, “What we would do if we won the lottery” kind of way. Once I realized we were in a good enough financial situation to do this, that was it. The decision had been made in my mind and it wasn’t going to go away.  The time to go was now.


* for the one person who didn’t know the opening dialogue quotation is from Pulp Fiction.

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