Why now?

I came to the conclusion some time ago that I’ve been working to support my travel habit.  My habit started small.  Trips to the state parks of Indiana and my grandparents farm.  When I was ten my family drove to Colorado.  My first major road trip that I remember.  I chose my university primarily on study abroad options.  I could spend three and half years in Evansville in exchange for a half year in England.  That’s when I got hooked.  The freedom to move and see things that you had only seen on postcards and in books.

Once I could afford to travel again after college I could go for a few days.  But then that wasn’t enough.  “If I’m spending the money to fly to Europe, I’m staying for two weeks.”  Then 17 days.  Pretty soon I wasn’t going to be able to support my habit on just three weeks of vacation a year.  I needed an alternative.  Switching jobs in the real world wouldn’t help.  Time was the issue.  Not money.  I flirted with the idea of convincing my employer that if I can work from home a few days a week, then I could work from an apartment in Buenos Aires for a few weeks each year.  But then I remembered that I really didn’t like my job at all and when it was all over, I’d be right back in that damn cube wishing I was out doing something else.

There seemed to only be one possible solution:  Quit and go travel around the world.

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  1. Good idea. A step by step, day by day record of getting ready to travel the world all at once. Keep it up!

    Dave H

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